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I.D.O. and Arch

For the month August PHX is hosting a FPS challenge to find the best all round FPS player for 2011. The winner will receive a copy of MW3 or BF3 gifted through steam when it is released. We only have 20 slots open so GET SIGNED UP! This contest is open through invitation only. Anyone who isn't a member must have a member vouch for them. All AA82nd members are welcome! We will be using the AA82nd TS3 during this challenge so please act accordingly. Our COD 4 Server ip is

Basic Rules

No glitching, hacking, scrolling or using macros.

PHX members who vouch for a player take responsibility for that player. If they are caught cheating you are both disqualified from the tournament.

You must be present for a minimum of 3 challenge nights to be eligible for the final scores.

Consistent abuse of the rules or other players will get you disqualified.

Any cheating is to be handled discreetly. I will be spectating each player during the evening. Any concerns should come to me through steam chat and I will follow up on it.

Pay close attention to the rules as they change depending on the gametype, map etc... Points are deducted for violating these rules.

I am not responsible for lost connections or lagging. Check your connection to the server and make sure your not running other programs to ensure you will stay connected. If you lose connection please reconnect as quickly as possible. I will try to record your lost score and add it to your total.

You cannot use the JUGGERNAUT perk during any of this tournament. This will avoid us having to play in hardcore mode.

No shaving points!

I reserve the right to cancel any one of the 8 challenge evenings. In the event of a cancellation those available at the 8pm start time will receive 500 points.


Round 1 consists of free for all rounds which help to determine how the teams should be for round 2.Your kills are added up over 5 maps and your ranked from most kills to least kills. Each map will run for 5 mins. I suggest you have your builds preset so we dont have to wait in between rounds. During this round rule violations will cost you 10 points. Maps will be decided by me and I will be open to suggestions provided there is enough support from others on this matter.This round ends with a 5 min break so I can put together the teams for next round.

Map 1 Hand guns/Knives ONLY  (This is the only round during free4all where knives are allowed)

Map 2 Shotguns ONLY

Map 3 Snipers ONLY

Map 4 Heavy Weapons/explosives ONLY

Map 5 Any weapon you choose except for knife.

Team Challenge

This round consists of 4 team based game types. Headquarters, SnD, Ambush and Domination. Winning team for each game type will receive 1000 points split evenly. No spectating during this round. This round will run WEAPONS FREE except for the Ambush game type. Team rounds require at minimum 6 players. In the event of having 5 or less players we will skip the team rounds and each player will be rewarded 500 points.

Ambush- This game type will be new to most. We will be playing the map Convoy. Marines will take the road where the tanks are positioned. They will be WEAPONS FREE but once a Marine dies he must stay out of the game until his entire team is eliminated. Marines cannot go beyond the walls to each side of the road but they have use of the sewers under the road. Opfor players will be limited to AK47's ONLY. No silencers or tube attachments, no knives or handguns. NO TEAMSPEAK!!! You must drop from teamspeak while on the Opfor team. The number of players is limited and will depend on the number of competitors available that day. Game continues until all Marines are eliminated. Teams will then switch sides to determine who lasts the longest. All other game types are self-explanatory.



This round is for additional individual points. We only require 6 players. Once you have completed your infiltration round you may leave for the evening.First the Infiltrator must pick from the points list which indicates point totals for each difficulty level.  The Infiltrator must retrieve the bomb from a team of 5 players who are held up in a building. During this round you cannot use the BULLET PENETRATION perk since the bomb is visible on the radar. The round cannot begin until all defenders are in a building together. Please do this quickly so the round can begin.Once in the building you cannot leave it. Once the round begins the attacker must eliminate the enemy team and escape with the bomb. The time stops when the bomb is planted. If a defender is killed they must wait outside the building until the Infiltrator is killed. When this happens all dead defenders may rejoin the team in the building and begin the process over again. You will have 7 mins to get the bomb planted.

Please follow these rules for infiltration.

You may jump from a window and re-enter a building without firing on the infiltrator to escape from explosions.

No MARTYDOM or LASTSTAND during this game type.

No retrieving ammo outside the building.

Using the wrong weapons as a defender is instant death until your team kills the infiltrator

Using the wrong weapons as the Infiltrator will cost you a 30 sec timeout in your spawn.

No ghosting or distracting the infiltrator while waiting to get back in as a defender.

Knives are allowed unless specified in the difficulty list.

If you are limited to a specific weapon you cannot pick up a different weapon while in battle.

For Infiltrator ONLY, Weapons free will include flash, stun and smoke nades.


RAMBO        - Infiltrator (Knife ONLY)  Defenders- (Weapons Free )   ------ 1000 points

GET A LIFE  - Infiltrator ( Sniper, handgun ONLY)  Defenders- ( Weapons Free)-750 points

PRO             - Infiltrator (Bullets ONLY) Defenders- (Bullets ONLY) ------------- 600 points

JOE BLOW  - Infiltrator ( Weapons free ) Defenders- (Bullets ONLY) -------400 points

NOOB          - Infiltrator ( Weapons free) Defenders- (Handguns ONLY) ---------250 points

50 bonus points will be awarded for the quickest time every evening.



This is a bonus round where those near the bottom can redeem themselves by defeating the top player for that evening. If you have the most points at the end of the Infiltration round you MUST accept a knife challenge from the bottom of the ladder. First to 5 knife kills wins. If the top player lost he trades his points from that evening to the challenger and will not be allowed to knife challenge anyone else for the rest of the evening. If he defends his position he is rewarded with an additional 100 points and is immune from additional challenges. The 100 points will be deducted from the challengers total from that night.If the person in last place does not want to fight it moves up to the next person.  The person in the top spot must defend that position once! After the first round is over the floor is open to challenge others. This will require wagering and I will leave it up to the competitors to figure out how much they would like to wager.


These rules and guidelines may change before August 1st. Rules are final after August 1st. Please register for the tournament on the FPS SIGN UP thread. THX